• Deep in the heart of Braj, we have built a home where no cow is ever denied.

  • “The cow is the representative of the earth.” – The scriptural basis for cow protection.

What does it take to make a difference?

Since 1996, Radha Surabhi Goshala has been caring for cows in Braj – the native place of Lord Krishna. Our focus is on caring for cows that are not cared for by society: the sick, injured and handicapped cows that – despite being so dear to the Lord – are homeless and deeply suffering. Everyday people bring cows to our door, and we never turn them away.

Our founder, Sudevi Dasi, lives through great difficulties in meagre conditions with the cows that she cares for and she never wastes any money.

We need your help to buy food and medicine, to pay labourers and to maintain our basic facilities. Please donate whatever you can afford.

A shelter for sick, injured and handicapped cows in the holy land of Braj.

What We Do


Everyday we take in homeless cows.


We feed over 1800 cows daily.