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Mix of different types of fodder are being fed to Gauvansh. Your donation will help us to feed holy cows. Fodder kit Rs. 1,100 Per/ unit


As we shelter injured & handicapped gauvansh majorly saved from critical conditions, we require help to give medical seva to these rescued gauvansh. Your support can make a difference. Medical Kit Rs.1,100 Per/ unit

Savamani Prasad

Offer Savamani prasad of Daliya to weak gauvansh so that they could recover properly and become healthy. Rs. 2,100


Donation for equipment which are essential for running Gaushala like Ambulance, Tractor, Trolly, medical equipment etc will help us to meet our routine expenses

Serve 108 Gau Mata

Serve 108 cows two meals a day Rs. 11,000-/-

Serve 11 Gau Mata

Serve 11 cows two meals a day a day Rs.1,100-/-

Donate any Amount

You can donate any amount according to your wish which will be used in gaushala wherever its required (Minimum amount Rs. 500)

About Mataji

Our founder, Sudevi Dasi Ji (Friederike Irina Brunning)

Originally from Germany, Friederike Irina Brunning (Initiated name: 'Sudevi Dasi') has been residing in Radha Kund for over 45 years. She came to India at the age of 20 years as a tourist. While traveling, she found Bhagwat Gita. The knowledge given in the Bhagwat Gita by Lord Shri Krishna inspired her to search for her Gurudev. She found him in Radha Kund.

She took diksha from Shri Shri 108 Shri Kishorikishoranand Goswami Babaji Maharaj (Shri Tinkodi Baba Ji Maharaj) and spent about 20 years in doing bhajan in according to instruction of Gurudev.

How the Gaushala Started

Once she found a calf with broken leg on the road. She took the calf home out of compassion and that was the first case of the gaushala. Then she started picking up more calves and cows on the streets who needed help and this is how the gaushala came into existence.

For her dedicated and tireless service in animal welfare, in March 2019 the Republic of India honoured Sudevi Dasi with the Padma Shri, the nation's fourth highest civilian award.

We provide shelter, food and medical care for all of our cows.


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