Downer Cows

These are those cows who are not able to stand up and remain seated (down). The most likely reason for a cow to sit down is trauma. Also, there could be post-calving or metabolic issues (such as milk fever) or diseases such as mastitis or metritis or FMD (foot and mouth disease).

At any time, we will have in between 100 to 200gauvansh- big and small, who are unable to stand up because of injuries or illness. For those who are unable to move without help, we will turn their sides in morning and evening and provide clean straw to sit in winter or cool sand in summer. Besides medicines they are given water and food regularly. Those who might stand up again are being helped to do so.

Handicapped and Lame

We have a separate area in which a group consisting of permanently handicapped cows, like those with three legs or those who are much lame and walk only a few steps are kept together. Lameness is a condition that makes it difficult or painful for cows to walk. We have around 400 to 450such cows

Healthy & Rehabilitated

Cows who get well and healthy are sometimes shifted to another big Gaushala (like Mataji Gaushala at Barsana) due to scarcity of space and resources.


We have around 200 blind ones, big and small, in a separate hall. Blind cows excepting small calves, cannot move around without endangering themselves and others. So, they must be taken care off individually.  A team of dedicated staff are used to take care of such cows.

Contagious Disease

Those who suffer from contagious diseases like FMD (foot and mouth disease) have separate enclosures. FMD is a severe, highly contagious viral disease and causes fever, blister-like sores on the tongue and gums in the mouth, and between the toes of the hooves of cows. While most affected cows may recover, the disease often leaves them weak and debilitated.


We get not only accident cases and ill ones, but also some of those who were rescued from transport to the slaughterhouses by the Gau Rakshak Dal groups, who watch the roads and catch them when they are illegally being transported. Such groups get to know that the cows are going to be illegally transported through their internal connects and catch them by keeping eyes on the road.

Also, we take in small calves, even when they are healthy, because they are in great danger from dogs and traffic. We get many calves who were attacked by dogs. We take in old cows also, and those who look too thin and weak.

Ox, Horses, Buffalo Calves etc.,

We take in oxen (bails), who are easily caught by bad people and are taken to be slaughtered, as they are accustomed to being led along by humans and do not defend themselves or run away. We also found a few horses injured and abandoned and we have some buffalo calves who were saved from slaughter house or who are sent to us in injured condition by their owners.

Motherless Calves

We get many small calves, newborn, or in the first days or month of their lives. The mother has died and the owner send the babies to us. Some cows had an accident or have a baby in old age and there is no milk to feed. 

Those of our cows who have enough milk will in addition to their own calves, adopt a motherless baby. Those who will not accept another baby, their milk is taken after their own babies don't want more and is given to the motherless ones with a bottle.