Medical Care

Ambulance Service Care

Our ambulances bring in daily around 10 to 15 gauvansh (cows, calves and bulls) from the street. Abandoned cows and calves have accidents or get ill. We receive calls on our helpdesk number or directly on contact number of our Ambulance drivers wherein people share the information about the condition and location of cow. 

Our own ambulances have forklift facilities under which cows, bulls etc., could be easily loaded from streets and unloaded in the Gaushala. In addition to our own ambulance, we also have a few ambulances on rental basis who bring injured cows from different locations like Dauji, Nadwai, Sadabad, Mathura, Deeg etc., which are far away from our Gaushala.

Medicine Treatment

Once the ambulance arrives in the Gaushala, proper medical treatment from veterinary doctor and staff is given as per the condition of the respective cases. Medicines and vaccinations on regular basis are given to cows according to requirement and condition of each injured or ill cow.

We have so many injured cases that we need around 20 people to get all the wound cleaning done. These 20 people engage only in this particular service of wound cleaning and bandaging daily from morning to evening.

Support to others

Two of our medical staff go out daily for a few hours to help cows in other goshala's where there is no medical service. Also, some private owners of cows, buffalos etc., call for our help as we do it free of cost.